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Vinyl Car Wraps and Vehicle Wrapping


We offer Car Wrapping for Audi, BMW, VW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Bentley, Aston, Nissan, Ford, Renault, Porsche Subaru and more, all cars & supercars are wrapped by Johnny Angel Customs in our boutique garage in Kent.

The Love of Vinyl Car Wrapping

There is no more cost effective way of changing the colour and appearance of your vehicle than vinyl wrapping, with a huge collection of vinyl materials to choose from, each with their own style.

Vinyl Wrap Film Types & Services 


There are many ways vinyl wrapping can transform your vehicle, beyond a full wrap.


  • Mirror Wraps

  • Roof Wraps

  • Paint Protection

  • Bonnet Wraps

  • Livery Design

  • Stripes & Decals

  • Signwriting

  • Alloy Wrapping


Car Wrapping - Full Wraps

For those who want to go the full distance in terms of changing up your vehicle, this is for you. Full car wraps are the most expensive car wrapping option and can take days to complete depending on the material used and the vehicle being wrapped. It is essential to use the most skilled installers for your full wrap.

Full car wraps can be used to:


  • Completely change the whole look and style of your vehicle – the difference is night and day.

  • Convert your car to a completely different colour, without all of the long delays that can hold back getting your car in shape as well as the extreme costs.

  • Be unique and take your car to a new level with a textured material.

  • Protect the vehicle body paintwork and help hold the resale value of your vehicle.

If you’re thinking of WRAPPING  your car OR van why not get in touch? We are open 7 days a week, you can call on 01580 754844 or mobile 07508 133573

or send us an email directly with your requirements to

Vehicle Wrapping HOW!


How a masterpiece is created….


We remove any protruding parts as necessary before wrapping for a top-quality job (in the automotive industry, this is known as

R&R – Remove & Replace).

This ensures 100% coverage on all components.

     There will be NO exposure of the original colour anywhere.


Trimming near paint is avoided (no protrusions to trim around).

NO lifting or peeling at the edges.

Commercial Wrapping Types & Services

Commercial Wrapping Types & Services

Signwriting details

At Johnny Angel Customs, we can be the solution to both the creation and adaption of any graphics you need transferred to a vehicle. We love making our clients easier to be seen in public, so with our help you can easily move away from the difficulty of the process. We make everything so much simpler than other businesses, ensuring that you are able to get an accurate and relevant representation of what you are looking for.

Signwriting & Commercial Vehicle Wraps 


Brand awareness & sign writing...go hand in hand with car wrapping. Get your brand and business details on your vehicle and advertise your services everywhere you go. Vinyl can be printed to offer greater detail about your services or you can choose from a vast range of finishes like carbon fibre and chrome to really make your business stand out on the road. If your business requires you to be out on the road in your vehicle or you own a commercial fleet of vehicles, then Signwriting is an essential addition to your advertising campaigns.


What is signwriting?

Vehicle signwriting uses vinyl wrapping processes to apply the graphics. This is not only totally reversible, but also protects the body and paintwork of the vehicle for the life of the wrap. The vinyl is high quality grade from the likes of 3M and it will not fade or become damaged by general wear and tear, in fact vinyl wrapping is proven to protect the paint below.  3M vinyl material products come with a 5 year warranty.


This will protect your investment or lease vehicle, saving the company money in the long term.


Most signwriting projects are nicely designed to offer impact advertising out on the road, to stick in the mind of potential customers and build brand recognition in local areas. If you are looking to get out on the roads soon and intend to start promoting in this way, you should really consider making the change for exposure with commercial vehicle wraps. We also help businesses with a commercial fleet who want to establish their own brand for the future. With all of your vehicles driving under the one banner, people can be left with no doubt as to what you actually offer and provide!


Why use signwriting and vehicle wrap to advertise?

Are you sick of being in the shadows and not getting the exposure that you require? Then let us know. We have a professional team of graphics experts who can make up quality wraps and signs to get yourself noticed as you drive around the region. With experienced designers who know what looks good, and how to make your business stand out from the crowd, you can bring yourself more followers and clients just driving around town.

​If you’re thinking of WRAPPING  your car OR van why not get in touch? We are open 7 days a week, you can call on 01580 754844 or moble 07508 133573

or send us an email directly with your requirements to

Full Colour Printed Vinyl Full Wrap Price Guide 

Single Colour Vinyl Wraps Price Guide

Single Colour Vinyl Lettering Machine cut Price Guide

Popular Wraps

Roof Wraps


The Gloss Black Vinyl Roof Wrap


Many modern cars follow the design where the roof adjoins the front windscreen via the same lines. The windscreen “flows” onto the roof. Trouble is… the flow is not seamless due to the colour difference between the two components. By vinyl wrapping the roof in gloss black, the glassy appearance continues from the leading edge of the windscreen right though to the rear edge of the roof, creating a large, glassy panoramic roof look. Johnny Angel Customs is renowned for this type of wrap.


The Matte or Satin Black Vinyl Roof Wrap

Take the Lotus as examples….Whilst this super car is a stunning piece of automotive art, a contrasting satin black roof gives them a completely different look.The semi-gloss vinyl roof wrap creates the appearance of a separate canopy against the original paint on the lower section of the car.

The Carbon Fibre Vinyl Roof Wrap

Carbon fibre is a light-weight, exotic and high-tech material. Its look is unique. Add that sophisticated look to your vehicle with a carbon fibre vinyl roof wrap!

We have done more of these than we can remember! For car dealerships and countless car enthusiasts….

The carbon fibre vinyl wrap is 3D-textured; it is not just a print. See it! Feel it!
Johnny Angel Custom roof wraps – major visual impact at an affordable price.

Bonnet Wraps

Carbon fibre bonnets look awesome. We can't remember how many of these we have done; but what we do know for sure is that they all look amazing.

Say NO to Chrome

We are in the 21st Century now, but car manufacturers are still making cars with chrome accents. Chrome grilles, chrome window surrounds, chrome mirrors, chrome door handles & chrome garnishes – it’s 1960 revisited…

If you love the look of chrome, then skip to something else in this website. If you don’t though, then Johnny Angel Customs has the solution for you!

Traditional 2-pack baked enamel does not adhere very well to smooth surfaces, and chrome is just about as slick as substrates can get. Vinyl wrap, however,

loves to stick to chrome.

Interior Wraps

We can customise your vehicle’s interior with vinyl wrap to an OEM-quality finish.
Whether to remove woodgrain/marble finish on Euro car interiors or simply to go for a different look, we will always have something that will tickle your fancy.

Our extensive experience in automotive affords us to remove components to be wrapped and refit them without damage.
This method of vinyl installation allows trimming beyond the visible edges; hence results are perfect.

Interior vinyl wraps also offer protective properties on factory plastics and woodgrain, which could otherwise become scratched with use and expensive to repair.
Wrapping is not only just for motor vehicles, we can wrap boat interiors, too.


There’s no project that’s either too big or too small for our in-house team to manage, so from minor detailing to full vehicle wraps and motorsport graphics, we’re the one stop shop for any of your customisation needs.

The best thing about vinyl wrapping is that there's no four to five week wait. A full wrap can be completed in just 2 to 3 days from start to finish thanks to our team of partners. And with decent bodywork, it will look just as good as a re-spray but can cost half the price.

Visit our sister company ANGEL DESIGN UK for more details on vinyl wrapping services that we can offer:

Full colour change wraps, cars, motorhomes, caravans, motorcycles, boats - Paint protection - Window protection - Interior wraps, cars, motorhomes, caravans, boats - Commercial wraps - Home wraps, kitchens - Light tinting - Window tinting  


ANGEL DESIGN UK Vehicle Wrapping Jaguar XJ Sport 1998 Gunmetal Grey Pic 1
ANGEL DESIGN UK Vehicle Wrapping Jaguar XJ Sport 1998 Gunmetal Grey Pic 2
ANGEL DESIGN UK Vehicle Wrapping Jaguar XJ Sport 1998 Gunmetal Grey Pic 3
ANGEL DESIGN UK Vehicle Wrapping Jaguar XJ Sport 1998 Gunmetal Grey Pic 4
ANGEL DESIGN UK Vehicle Wrapping Jaguar XJ Sport 1998 Gunmetal Grey Pic 5
ANGEL DESIGN UK Vehicle Wrapping Jaguar XJ Sport 1998 Gunmetal Grey Pic 6



vossen wheels now available from JOHNNY ANGEL CUSTOMS call for prices


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