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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Kerbing and corrosion are the two main factors for scruffy wheels plus the normal wear and tear alone on todays road takes its toll on your wheels.

They no longer look as new, detracting from your car's overall appearance. This can totally spoil the appearance of your car, especially if your wheels are all part of the car design with your bodykit. Likewise, if they’re clean and sparkling wheels, they will enhance your cars appearance and value hugely.


Using our complete refurbishment process, we can get your wheels back into pristine condition.


Advances in alloy wheel refurbishment technologies make it possible for bolted wheels and split rim wheels to undergo previously restricted repair services.

Because of this, more car owners have employed routine refurbishment services to improve the condition and value of their alloy wheels.

We offer a complete refurbishment service, at a fraction of the cost of buying a new set of wheels!!

We chemically pre-treat, chemically clean, repair, lathe turn, powder coat or wet paint (colour coding speciality) and lacquer your wheels to get them back in to pristine condition.


The Powder Coating Process


Some wheels are prone to rotting and corrosion and there are a number of ways to treat this. Some companies ‘shot blast’ or ‘sand blast’ wheels to remove all the paint and corrosion. We find this is a harsh process and can leave pitting; therefore we now use the latest techniques which involve us removing all the paint and corrosion in an acid bath. This is carried out at our depot. Due to the strength of the acid used we cannot do it on the mobile service. You can have your wheels painted to the original colour or if you fancy a change we can mix any colour you like. If you have a specific colour you would like you can supply us with a paint code and we will match it.

In most cases we would recommend a full refurbishment of your wheels to achieve a 'good as new' look. They will go through a 3 stage powder coating / paint process to give a very durable and high gloss finish.

• Tyres are removed as are any weights and valves.

• Wheels are then hot pressure washed to remove excess dirt & grime.

• Placed into a chemical stripping tank to remove old paint & lacquer coatings.

• Hot pressure wash rinsed.

• Wheels are lightly grit blasted to remove blemishes and corrosion.

• The wheels are then inspected for damage especially the lips of the rims any cracks & deep scratches on the rim edges, faces and spokes will be filled in by alloy tig welding, they will then be machined using various techniques & hand tools. They are then always finished by hand.

• Next the 3 stage powder coating / painting takes place.

• The wheels are pre-heated in an industrial oven to 200 degrees for 20 minutes to de-gas the alloy then a powder coat primer is applied.

• Next the wheels are cooled to 60-80 degrees and if they are having a colour coded or bespoke finish they are spray painted and put back into the oven for a      further 40 minutes to cure.

• The final powder coat clear lacquer is then applied and the wheels are then put back into the oven at 200 degrees for a further 20 minutes.

• Once cooled the wheels are fitted with new valves and the tyres refitted and are electronically balanced. Stick on weights are placed on the inside of the wheels so that it does not spoil the appearance of the finish.


























We remove the tyre, valve and any balance weights. The wheel is then put in a chemical tank which strips all the old paint from the wheel.

The wheel is then rinsed

The wheel is now checked for kerb damage and repaired using Hand tools, if required any deep gouge marks are filled with special high temperature alloy filler.

The wheel is now is placed into an aqua blast cabinet. This process will key the wheel ready for the powder coat primer and will also remove any contaminants from the surface of the wheel.

Once the wheel has been de gassed the wheel is hot enough to have the powder coat primer applied. This process is done in a clean room with filtered roof panels to help reduce the chance of any unwanted containments being attracted to the wheel.

Once the wheel has been primed it is then placed back in the oven for 20 minutes to allow the powder coat to flow out which will give a smooth flat surface to paint on.

The wheel is now allowed to cool before we apply the powder acrylic lacquer. The wheel is then placed back in the oven for is final curing.

Once the wheel has been cured it is then allowed to cool before we refit the tyre and balance the wheel.












What is powder coating?

This is a method of painting by which electrically charged powder paint is applied via a high voltage low ampere power unit to a grounded work piece i.e. alloy wheel. Electrostatic attraction holds the powder onto the coated part. The coated part is then heated in an industrial oven at 200 degrees which then melts/fuses the powder onto the alloy wheel. This results in a very durable, scratch resistant high gloss finish, which is 3 times stronger than solvent based wet paints. Unlike wet paints it contains no solvents and is therefore very environmentally friendly.


Will my wheels look as good as new?

If you were to closely compare a wheel that we have refurbished to a brand new wheel, you may be able to see a slight difference, but otherwise to all intents and purposes your wheels will look as good as new. The quality of the finish however does depend on the condition of the wheels (see our Terms & Conditions). We do however guarantee to improve your wheels significantly and of course the finish is guaranteed for 12 months.


What colours can you do?

We have a wide range of colours and finishes that we are continually adding to. In theory you can have any colour you like, there is certainly no law against it! As well as many colour options we also offer two tone transitions, sparkling starburst and fluorescent finishes to make your car really stand out from the crowd!


Can you refurbish any make of wheel?

Almost certainly, although there are so many manufacturers that there are bound to be some makes that we have not yet refurbished. If your wheels are particularly unusual in any way, send us a photograph and details (make, diameter, composition – alloy, steel and finish required) we will be pleased to let you know.


Does the finish last?

The simple answer is yes. Thanks to the durable and very robust acrylic lacquer applied the colour is maintained and the gloss retains its lustre. The lacquer also helps to repel break dust and makes it easier to keep your alloys clean.


Can you match my centre caps?

We can paint a similar colour in a wet paint on plastic caps and powder coat metal caps. However it is important that they are in good condition in order for us to refurbish them. If they are badly damaged we can supply new ones at very reasonable cost.


Do you replace valves?

Yes, we supply new valves with all refurbished alloy wheels fitted to tyres.


Can you supply and fit tyres?

Yes, if you let us know in advance the tyre size, speed rating, and preferred make. We stock a huge range of tyres, from new premium and budgets along with London’s largest range of quality part worn tyres.


Can you repair bent or cracked wheels?

No, we don`t recommend straightening or welding wheels. It is always best to replace. It is easy to cover over a crack by welding but the wheel will still have a weak spot.


How long does it take?

On average a full set of wheels takes 1 to 5 days.


Can I use the vehicle straight away afterwards?

Yes. Once the wheels are on the car, the vehicle is ready to go.


What is the repair process?

The wheels are repaired, re-primed, powder coated, baked and refitted to your car.


Do you do motorcycle wheels?

Yes we do. You will need to have the tyres, spindles and bearings removed before you bring them to us.


Do you provide a courier service?

No we do not! But you are more than welcome to send your wheels via courier service to us we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your wheels whilst with a courier. We do provide a collection and delivery service locally.


What is the best way to look after my alloys?

Quite simply a mild detergent like fairy liquid and hot water with a clean sponge. You will be amazed at how easily the dirt lifts of our powder coated finishes. We do not recommend the use of alloy wheel cleaners as most of these are acid based and will in time attack and break down the lacquer coatings. There are many specially formulated wheel waxes available which you apply approximately every 6 weeks which will prevent any break dust and dirt sticking to your wheels. Always allow your wheels to cool down before cleaning them.


Do refurbished wheels add value to a car?

In the vast majority of cases the answer is yes because newly-refurbished wheels will greatly improve the overall appearance of the car. The higher the value of the car to start with the greater the reality that refurbishing the wheels will increase its value. Many car traders have said that their customers see the condition of the wheels on a car as an indication of how the car has been treated. Therefore having the wheels refurbished can potentially achieve a higher value on sale.




















Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
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