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Welcome to Johnny Angel Customs premier sourcing experts, we have forensic knowledge of this market, allowing us to deliver your order on time and within budget. Because we act specifically on clients instructions and the fact that were not encumbered by large showrooms and other punitive overheads we reduce our margin’s and pass on the saving onto you directly.  We are proactive in our sourcing methods, identifying the precise cars that our clients want and when they want them. We also work closely  with several large groups in the UK  this enables us to  achieve great discounts and again pass those discounts on, giving you great value and quality.


What is car sourcing?

Put simply, car sourcing is YOU (the buyer) commissioning US to locate, prepare and supply your next car.

What are the advantages?

Our professional car sourcing service is becoming increasingly popular by the month. This is because it conveniently shifts the responsibility of finding your next car away from you and firmly into the hands of us, the experts. So, why should Johnny Angel Customs find your next car?

You save time – no more wasted journeys to see cars that aren’t as described.
You save money – we don’t pay for advertising, sales people and day-to-day valeting so quoted prices take this into account.
You get the right car – you select the colour, specification, age and mileage and your budget.


We are able to source and deliver your vehicle at any location around the world. We offer a global shipping service and we are experts at making the process simple and straight forward.


If you prefer the beauty of a classic or the performance of a sports car, let Johnny Angel Customs find your next vehicle for you.


We want you to enjoy our professional relaxed service and take full advantage of our experience and knowledge. In this sector reputation means a lot, we make sure we do everything you could possibly want providing you with all the support and back up you expect.

If you’re thinking of changing your car why not get in touch? We are open 7 days a week, you can call on 01580 754844 or moble 07508 133573

or send us an email directly with your requirements to

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