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All our kits are designed on the cars they are designed to fit. This means that all our kits are designed to fit the brackets and fixing points you already have on your car. Despite all our best efforts to create you a perfectly fitting body kit, there will always be a need for you to make some minor adjustments to your car during fitting. This can be the moving or removal of minor parts and brackets. This is nothing you or an experienced body-shop will struggle with. If you need additional parts to complete the look of your project? we will source you the parts and deliver them to you.


Johnny Angel Customs offer a complete paint and fitting service for all OUR body kits. We are happy to arrange installation of any of our products, at our own or one

of our APPROVED AGENTS WORKSHOPS BY INDIVIDUAL ARRANGEMENT. Our APPROVED AGENTS  are all over the UK call us on 01580 754844 for your nearest.


Tracking & WHEEL Alignment

We also offer wheel alignment as part of our services using top of the range Corghi equipment. The systems are highly accurate and very reliable. It takes only a small misalignment to create problems. This also leads to your tyres being worn down unevenly and can sometimes cause serious problems when out driving. When you notice your car pulling to the side this usually means that your front wheels are not aligned to the rear thrust line. To drive in a straight line, you would probably have to steer the front wheels slightly to the right or left. This can happen from normal wear and tear.


The benefits to having front or four wheels aligned is huge:

Better Fuel Mileage: The less resistance there is, the better your fuel economy. Our wheel alignment will set all 4 car tyres up to manufacturers specifications, and along with proper inflation will reduce any resistance.

Improved Handling: If you can feel your car pulling to one side or there are vibrations in your steering wheel this probably means your alignment is out. Most handling issues can be resolved by correcting your alignment.

Safer Driving: Before carrying out any alignment work we will inspect your suspension.
This allows us to pin point any potential hazards that can lead to costly fixes.


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