Johnny Angel Customs specializes in the design, development, and distribution of exclusive aerodynamic body kits, exclusive alloy wheels, and high-quality exhaust systems, & interior repairs.


We also offer a personal bespoke one to one design & fitting service in our

NEW BOUTIQUE GARAGE in Kent, the garden of England.

We understand how deeply the appeal of  side skirts,  rear diffusers aero wings,  air dams,  custom replacement bumper covers, and other components included in body kits runs in the blood of automotive enthusiasts. We know, because we've added them on our own vehicles to enhance performance and to create uniquely impressive visual signatures.






We supply & fit a wide range of BODY KITS for most cars. 

From wide arch designs to replica parts & panels.

We also feel it's important to point out that a lot of these parts are not easy to install. While the materials they're made from are highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting, they typically come out of the box with minor imperfections that need correcting by experienced specialists. Whether you've purchased a  body kit made of fiberglass, polyurethane, ABS plastic, or carbon fiber, we strongly recommend you take these parts to professionals that are experienced in body kit installation. In other words, they need to be familiar with the art of heating, re-shaping, shaving, filling, and painting these materials - because doing so is not the same as working with traditional metal body panels.


We will test-fit items on your vehicle before beginning any work, because parts cannot be returned after being altered in anyway. Inconsistent gaps between factory OEM panels and aftermarket products is not uncommon, and we expect this. As we mentioned, body kit parts can be heated, trimmed, filled, and filed into shape with relative ease. 

If a body kit includes larger components such as  fenders,  doors, and  hoods, we will take the trouble to assemble them on a vehicle before we begin any mods. For example, adjustments to latching mechanisms and hinges can be made to ensure proper fit. Inconsistent panel gaps can be corrected using a number of other adjustment areas on the vehicle. Checking fitment and panel gaps is an important first step, we will sand and remove excess material so things line up without rubbing. Once the fit is proper, items will be taken back off the car for paint preparation. 

We will look for any minor cracks, because they cannot be filled with body filler the way other imperfections can. Because filler will crack in seams where there's any tension, epoxy is used to cement the fractured area together permanently. Then, filler can be used to fill irregularities and smooth things over. However, it's important to note that filler does not work on all body kit materials. Virtually all add-on aero parts typically require some amount of trimming, bonding, filling, and sanding before painting to ensure the finished result looks spectacular on your vehicle.

So leave it to us - call to discuss your cars' make-over in our Boutique or make an appointment to pop in and measure up for the best tailor made suit your car will have! Alternatively we can send the make-over parts direct to your chosen body shop.

If you decide to leave your car with us for it's makeover, don't worry about your return transport. we will drop you at our local main line railway station which is just 5 minutes away.


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